…Helps you doing the right thing right

IT Projects pose great challenges for any company. New systems need to be integrated into existing IT landscapes being managed by a heterogeneous Organisation. Business-logic ist often unclear. Existing systems have usually found various – from todays perspective oft irrational – ways to implement business requirements which then has lead to a situation where systems don’t reflect the real business requirements. The profound experts who know their way around in such ambiguous situations are oft not available (any more). Political circumstances and time pressure complete an extremely difficult project setting. Rationality then might get off hand. Teams then aren’t doing the right things. Or they’re not doing things right. Worst case; a combination of both.

This is where  MC-ITConsulting offers help:

  • we define and (re) structure Projectscope and -organisation
  • we make sure the right things are  done through solid and thorough business analysis
  • we ensure realistic project planning
  • we provide complete transparency with regard to project status within each project phase
  • we ensure cross-functional and cross organizational buy-in
  • we develop project teams to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • we use a broad range of methods on demand